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Smart Key Management

Keycafe Smart Key Management System

Cico Solutions offers a system of contactless key exchange to private holiday lets and guesthouses utilising Keycafe exchange boxes. We can assist from installation of the Keycafe box to management of all Keycafe operations and key replenishment. Your guests will be able to experience a secure, contactless check in or out of the property which is convenient for both parties.

Self Check-In

  • 24/7 check-in for maximum convenience. Compliant with the Airbnb Business Travel listing requirements.

Industry Integration

  • Automated key access through integrations with Airbnb, Gusty, etc

Real Time Monitoring

  • Monitors every key pickup or drop off in real-time to ensure property is being prepared and guests are arriving and departing as expected

24/7 Guest Check-In

  • Allow for late arrivals without having staff on duty