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In recent years, platforms such as Airbnb have increased the options available for people seeking affordable short breaks, challenging more traditional booking channels. The ups and downs of the pandemic aside, bookings of short-term accommodation via such online platforms has been rising steadily for several years contributing to a boom in weekend breaks and staycations.

‘Airbnb listing data showed a 33 per cent increase in UK listings between 2017 and 2018*’

Potential Impacts of an Increase in Short-Term Holiday Accommodation

Whilst an increase in short-term holiday accommodation has provided a greater range of potential accommodation types to holidaymakers and a welcome boost to the UK tourism sector, ultimately this needs to be balanced against a range of other factors. The government is launching a review of short-term holiday accommodation to assess how recent changes are impacting:

· Local residents in tourist hotspots

· Property prices in tourist hotspots

· Established accommodation operators using more traditional models such as B&Bs or hotels

· Safety of holidaymakers in their chosen accommodation

A Review of UK Short-Term Holiday Accommodation

A UK government review of short-term holiday accommodation is set to include an evaluation of information from stakeholders within the short-term holiday accommodation sector including The Bed and Breakfast Association and The Short Term Accommodation Association to formulate a plan for managing growth in the sector. However, we anticipate the likely end result will be tighter legislation around short-term holiday accommodation and landlords operating in the sector will need to ensure they are compliant.

A scheme proposed in the government review could see physical checks on premises to ensure that landlords are meeting health and safety obligations as well as complying with regulations around noise or anti-social behaviour. Meanwhile additional measures under consideration include a ‘Kitemark’ scheme with spot checks on compliance for certain rules and a self-certification scheme that hosts must register with before they can operate. The introduction of a single source of information and guidance on relevant regulations is also being considered.

How can Cico Solutions Help Your Short-Term Holiday Accommodation Business?

At Cico Solutions, we are experts in managing short-term holiday accommodation. We are up to speed with current lettings legislation and will be monitoring the findings of the UK government review of the short-term holiday lettings sector closely, staying abreast of any resultant changes. By letting us manage your property, we will take away the hassle of keeping on top of regulatory changes and help to ensure you stay legally compliant whilst continuing to delight your guests.

Now is the time to start reviewing your properties to ensure you are operating within current legislation. Call us today to find out how we can help you on 07881276367 or email